Down from the beautiful hills 
To play the beautiful game.

Current Schedule

The Winter 2015/2016 season of the Monterey Peninsula Soccer League starts on Sunday, October 18.

We will play as one team this season, combining Blues and Whites as a "Carmel Valley FC" team.


We welcome eCare Manage as our Winter 2015/2016 kit sponsor. We will "swirl" together our White and Blue players to wear a sky blue jersey this Winter.

2015-2016 Winter Kit. Sky blue top, navy shorts & sky blue socks.


The All Blues were the champions of the Winter 2014 season, winning the table as well as the playoffs.

(Note: Their only loss was on 11/17/2013 to the All Whites).

Winer 2014 Champions

Pick Up

Looking for a local game and meet some Pumas?


Youth Soccer

CVFC is proud to coach and support teams in the YMCA of the Monterey Peninsula, Monterey Bay Sports League, and Marina Youth Soccer League. 

Monterey Peninsula Soccer League

Seven coed teams of over 30yo men and any age women formed in 2012 to begin the inaugural season for a division of seasoned veterans of the game, and Carmel Valley gathered its team to compete, finishing 3rd in the regular season.

In Summer 2013, we formed a second "All Whites" team in addition to our "All Blues" team.